Top 10 ways to measure your success

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November 15, 2020

Top 10 ways to measure your success

Top 10 Ways

Every person has his way of defining success. For some people achieving a certain position in a company or an organization is a success. Having a certain amount of money in their bank account makes some people feel successful. Here are the top 10 ways to measure your success.

Some people consider success in buying their dream house or their dream car. You need to define what being successful. You should also define the key indicators which would show you your success. Here are the top 10 ways to measure your success.

 1. Happiness level

In your life, happiness is the most important way to measure your success. It’s more important than money. You need to be happy in your life and happy to do whatever you are doing. One may be a billionaire, but if he is not happy, then he is not successful in the true sense.Here are the top 10 ways to measure your success.

 It’s important to pursue happiness in life. Do the things that make you want to do, and that makes you happy. Don’t perceive and act upon what others will say or think. Everyone is busy with their own life. No one cares, so pursue real happiness in life because it is the most important pillar of your success.

2. How famous you are

The people you know and who follow you are also counted as important yardsticks for measuring your success. One may be famous for right or wrong reasons. When we talk about measuring success. You need to be famous for the right reasons.

Nowadays people are also known just by the number of followers they have on Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, and other social platforms, what matters more for measuring success is how many real followers you have? and how many people support you? For good reasons the more number of real followers you have, the more successful you are treated.

3. The amount of money you have

Money is one of the important things you need in your life. But it’s not the only most important thing. Because there are certainly other things in life which value more than money. Still, the amount of money you have is the most common way. Money is your basic needs as well as to have luxurious things in your life.

 It’s required to take care of your family. It makes your life comfortable. Money enables you to help others measuring your success. Here are the top 10 ways to measure your success.

 4. The people whom you have helped 

Life is just not about living for yourself. How many people have you helped is also treated as a measurement of your success. Many of our scriptures mention about living life helping other people. It is the most positive impact you have on other people’s lives that matters in the end.  

Some actions have a positive impact on a large number of people. How many lives have you helped improve through your actions, you become more valuable and successful. 

5. The level of stress 

Stress can be classified into two types:

 Positive stress 

 Negative stress 

Positive stress leads you to perform better or to achieve something. Positive stress brings growth in your life.

 Negative stress is bad for you and your health. Suppose you keep yourself under stress for a long time. Then you will start appearing older than your age. It may be lead to health problems like blood pressure, diabetes, and other health problems in your life. 

You have to face both positive and negative stress. You need to learn stress management. The people who can handle stress well are more successful in their life. It has been rightly said:

 “Diamonds are the pieces of coal.”

 That handles the stress well. If you are facing stress, try to handle it. You should not quit because this will make you different from others. Here are the top 10 ways to measure your success.

6. Satisfaction level

People normally never feel satisfied with whatever they may have in their life. No amount of money, material goods, or any position is good enough to make us feel contented. Generally, if you are satisfied. You will stop growing in your life. 

A certain level of dissatisfaction is necessary to keep you motivated to grow and achieve things in life. But if you are successful, the level of your satisfaction with your accomplishments would be high. You need to define in life what you want and celebrate.

 When you achieve it, if you lead a balanced life, then the level of your satisfaction would be more. You are the more successful you would be considered. 

7. Amount of time you spend doing things you love

One other way to measure success is the amount of time you spend doing things you love. If you find a way to get paid, you would be very successful in doing the things you are passionate about.

 The other way would be to achieve financial freedom at the earliest in your life so that you could be free to spend doing your favorite things. You would be spending your time by choice in both of these scenarios. 

8. The more balanced life you live

It has been rightly said that excuses for anything are bad, whether too much work or too much laser. Work, family, friends, and society are all required. They are important parts of your life. 

If you are missing something, then you are not living a balanced life. One may have money, fame, etc. but if you do not have people to celebrate. Then that success is meaningless. You will be successful in the true sense if you are living a balanced life. So to conclude, no single indicator of measuring success as above would be sufficient for any person. You need to define the purpose of your life, your goals, your priorities in life.

9. The number of regrets 

At the end of your life, people normally spend their whole lives doing things they are expected to do. Sometimes a person is not able to do things. He wants to do, and in some cases, he has to do certain things, which he doesn’t want to do. In both situations, he regrets.  Later on, don’t fall in what?. What if I started my own business, hat if I propose the girl I loved, what if I spent more time with my loved ones. Do whatever your heart likes at the end of your life. You should have the least number of regrets, and you would be counted as more successful.

 10. The number of goals you have achieved 

A person without a goal is like a ship sailing without any direction. Both will never reach any destination. Life is a journey with many milestones in the form of different goals. One of the ways to measure your success would be the number of goals you have achieved. Every person should have well-defined goals in life.

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