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Simple Mathematical Principle Will Change Your Life

Simple Mathematical Principle Will Change Your Life

THE 80/20 PRINCIPLE is uncomplicated, but life-changing. The principle states that a small percentage of your actions lead to most of the outcomes that are good—or bad—at work and at home. Here are a few key insights from our Instaread on Richard Koch’s first, and most popular, self-help book.

Simple Mathematical Principle Will Change Your Life

Key Insight 1: There is no direct relationship between effort and reward.

Often, people mistakenly believe that effort and reward have a cause-and-effect relationship. We think that hard work reaps big rewards, and little effort reaps little rewards. What many people don’t realize is that, in fact, most of us invest a surprising amount of time into trivial pursuits that bring about little or negative gain. Conversely, some of the activities we spend the least amount of time on reap the biggest rewards. Simply reevaluating these pursuits can lead to major gains in productivity. 80/20 rule simple mathematical principle will change your life. Simple Mathematical Principle.

Key Insight 2: Strive for effectiveness over efficiency.

All too often, people choose to focus on time management and efficiency. We imagine that we are short on time, but in reality most of what we accomplish requires very little time. The 80/20 Principle suggests that 80 percent of a person’s achievements requires about 20 percent of their time. This ratio suggests that efficiency isn’t a useful goal in itself. Efficiency is only useful when you’re focused on the right priorities.

I hope you enjoyed Simple Mathematical Principle Will Change Your Life.

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