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Permanently cutting foods from your diet

Permanently cutting foods from your diet

Instead of permanently cutting foods from your diet, make a conscious decision about whether or not an indulgence is worth it.

Hartwig’s idea of “food freedom” is a way of life that helps people make food choices without permanent restrictions. There’s no such thing as a food group that’s categorically bad. It’s better to think of foods as more healthy or less healthy. Food freedom allows for occasional indulgences, so it’s up to you to decide whether or not a less healthy food is worth the splurge.

Traditional diets keep people locked in a negative relationship with food. A diet based on restricting entire categories of foods like dessert is not realistic, and also affirms the mistaken notion that eating less healthy foods is a moral failing. Indulgence is just a choice, and if you can learn to better manage that choice, you’ll feel empowered and in control. You always have the option to recalibrate your habits if you feel like you’ve made too many unhealthy decisions. Permanently cutting foods from your diet.

Developing healthy habits is a lifelong process. Feel confident in your ability to make healthy, sustainable choices, and you’ll never struggle with dieting again.

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