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Hands-off management strategies

Today’s insight comes from THE NEW ONE MINUTE MANAGER by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. Hands-off management strategies.

Good managers never make decisions for other people.

The best bosses know how to avoid the temptation to micromanage. Instead of guiding employees by helping them make decisions, good managers sit back and listen. They facilitate engagement, rather than dictate behavior. By encouraging employees to think for themselves, a hands-off manager can expect excellent results—often in record time.

Why is delegation such an effective technique? On one level, it reflects the manager’s confidence in the employee, which builds trust and empowers the employee. Delegation is also a powerful motivational tool. Research suggests that employees who are allowed to make more choices feel more invested in the work, and therefore more driven to succeed. Hands-off management strategies. Hands-off management strategies.

When managers control too many decisions, they create a bottleneck. Companies that are managed from the top down tend to be slow to respond to change, which can be a disadvantage. Hands-off managers have more time to focus on objective-setting and supporting the team .

Ready to help your team evolve to optimal efficiency? Start by delegating at least one thing today. Hands-off strategies

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