Develop the winning edge with 80/20 rule

Why team initiatives fail
Why Team Initiatives Fail
November 16, 2020
Hands-off management strategies
Hands-off management strategies
November 16, 2020

Develop the winning edge with 80/20 rule

Develop the winning edge

The key to success is to develop the winning edge with 80/20 rule. If you don’t have an idea about 80/20 rule, it’s simple, easy and based on research by Pareto an Italian expert in economy. Pareto revealed that in his garden, about 80% of his harvestable crop came from almost 20% of his pea pod plant. Later on, he applied this philosophy to business, we get 80% of the results from 20% of the efforts in our lives. Finally, at the end of the day, there are events you do in your life achieve 80% outcomes from your 20% efforts (either successful or unsuccessful).

80/20 principle simply says that the 80% sales are done by 20% of the sales people. The top 20% of the sales people always do 80% of the sales, and the bottom 80% do the only 20% of the sales. Again top 20% of the sales people always do 80% of the sales which is 4%. The people on the top 4% are the highest paid and happiest people in our society. The people on the bottom of 80% have to worry all the time. So in our society 80% of people are in trouble and struggle to earn the money. They always think about money, worry about money, they wake up in the morning, think about the money, worry about the money, and even they talk to their spouse, friends, and relatives about the money. We need to make ourselves on the top 20% people in the society.

The people in the top 20 percent on average earn 16 times the average of people in the bottom of 80 percent and the people in the top 4 % earn 54 times the average of people in the bottom of 20 percent. This is the astonished, recent study conducted by large American insurance company found that they have individual agents throughout the country who alone were selling and earning more than 40 and 50 trained professional agents of the same company, same products, and the same people.

Develop the Winning Edge with 80/20 rule:

Winning edge is very important and it’s simply says the difference between the average performance, and the mediocre performance is not to great massive difference, it is always just a small difference. Let’s take an example, if a horse runs in a horse race and comes in first, and it wins ten times the prize money of the horse that come in second. That doesn’t mean that horse comes in first is ten times faster that horse comes in second.

The truth is here that only minor change in your habit can increase ten times more income. The key to success is to develop the winning edge. If you develop the winning edge with 80/20 rule, there is no reason to move on the top 4 percent.

Inner Game of selling

One of the things we know there is the inner game of selling. If you want to look like successful sales people, try to find out that what are the characteristics separate them from poor sales people, and we find it that they cannot be separate on the basis of age, intelligence, grade level, experience, and we know the people who are young, who are more successful people in 20 years old with no experience than extensive experience. There are people in limited education who sell more in the same industry than the high education. Its inner game, what’s going on insight the mind of the sales persons that’s make all the people difference.

Discipline yourself to give your productive time entering in on the parts of your business wherever you are able to increase with importance, utilizing your best fundamental skills, and accurately delegate all the events that are out of your wheelhouse to your best people. Do your optimum and effort the hardest on the events that will work the toughest for you and give you the best rewards.

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