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Dealing with depression during the lockdown

Dealing with depression during the lockdown

Nowadays, life has become increasingly difficult and arduous. The ongoing pandemic has instilled a pervasive fear in everyone, as we constantly worry about the possibility of contracting the coronavirus within the confines of our homes. Every passing moment, we are confronted with escalating numbers of fatalities caused by this virus. It is crucial that we prioritize our well-being and that of others by providing guidance on managing depression during the lockdown. Social media platforms are inundated with countless reviews of medications, with everyone claiming to know the cure for this COVID-19 pandemic.

 Many individuals persist as valiant fighters against mental illness, as they often find themselves trapped in a state of denial, believing that everything is normal and that there is no ongoing pandemic.

Dealing with depression

In these challenging times of the pandemic, numerous individuals have experienced the onset of severe mental illnesses such as anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, which have become the bitter aftermath of this global crisis. Circumstances are deteriorating, leading to increased social isolation and worsening conditions. Consequently, many are voicing their despair, convinced that the pandemic will never cease and that their suffering will ultimately lead to their demise.

It feels as though the pandemic has shattered our lives, leaving us unable to think positively or approach things with certainty. Like countless others, being confined to quarantine for an extended period of time has the potential to trigger and contribute to my own experience of depression.

To gain clarity about depression, it is essential for many individuals to prioritize certain aspects. Engaging in regular exercise, ensuring an adequate amount of sleep, and consuming nourishing food should be among the foremost considerations when we sense that something is amiss.

In numerous instances, establishing a regular sleep routine or taking a break from electronic devices to enjoy some fresh air can be sufficient to uplift our mood. However, if you have exhausted all your go-to methods for combating distress and gradually realize that you are still struggling, it is possible that what you are dealing with is more complex than a temporary phase.

Establishing a structured routine is a crucial step in helping individuals facing severe depression during the lockdown. Managing and coping with depression during this period is of utmost importance.

  • Maintaining a schedule log or chart and affixing it to a prominent location in your room or living area, where you spend the majority of your time each day, can be highly beneficial.
  • It is advisable to concentrate on one task at a time, as dealing with multiple tasks simultaneously can increase the likelihood of triggering factors for panic disorder and potentially result in depression.
  • Make an effort to practice social distancing from individuals, including your parents and infants, as a preventive measure.

That surrounds us to the major phase of depression. But the story doesn’t end up here, what if we try out new ways of social contact through the use of technology like talking on the phone and going on Skype video calls session, so that the phase of depression take a little ease to drag in our lives and bring little much positivity that something is there when something is not?

  • Furthermore, the screen time should also be reduced, like we should take short breaks and relax our body and eye muscles by closing them for a while.
  • Playing with video games can be a way to relax, but sometimes it causes adverse effects like slouching posture, building stress for winning from other teams, which in returns causing distress in our whole body mechanism.
  • The more we play, the more we feel hungry, and the more we eat, which leads to obesity, and ultimately, obesity puts a mark on our personalities, which look! A fat girl or boy is going there, ha-ha!

Engaging in social media platforms can be a coping mechanism for individuals experiencing severe depression. One may choose to share uplifting stories of people who have successfully recovered from the pandemic, thereby alleviating their own depressive state.

In conclusion, it is important to turn to prayer and have faith in God, as He is the ultimate source of healing and can transform all distressing ailments into manageable ones. All that is required is sincere prayers and unwavering belief, and everything will undoubtedly improve.

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