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Dealing with depression during the lockdown

Life has become so much miserable and challenging nowadays. Due to this ongoing pandemic, everyone is living with a fear of having affected coronavirus at home. Every other second we are listening to the death causalities that are rising in numerical figures day by day. We should look after ourselves and others by giving the guidance of dealing with depression during the lockdown.  Tons of medicine reviews are trailed up on social media websites; everyone knows the cure of this COVID-19 pandemic

 People are still becoming a great warrior of mental illness, because always, our people are in the denial phase, that everything is fine and that there is no such pandemic.

Dealing with depression

During these pandemic days, a lot of severe mental illnesses have taken place, anxiety, panic attacks, amongst this depression, and become the frosting of the whole pandemic. Things are turning into bad situations, and adverse conditions are turning into social isolation. With the result that everyone is crying hard aloud that he/she will be finally dead, and this pandemic will never end.

It’s like it has demolished our lives so that we have stopped thinking positively and taking things undoubtedly. Since I like for many people living in quarantine for a more extended period can become a result and cause of my depression.

To make things about depression clear in your mind is exercising daily, taking sufficient sleep, and getting nourishing food is the first thing many people should consider if we feel that something is wrong. 

In many cases, returning on a good catnap schedule or laying down the phone for some fresh air can be enough to pull us out of a funk. But if you’ve worn out your inventory of terrible anger boosters and ten gradually find out that you’re still struggling, what you’re coping with might be more multifaceted than just a momentary spell.

Making a subtle routine is one of the essential steps in preventing people who are in severe depression during the lockdown. Dealing with depression during the lockdown.

  • Maintain a schedule register or chart and paste it on that place of your room or hall where you actually spent yours most of the time in a day.
  • Try to focus on one thing at a time because dealing with too many tasks can lead down to more triggering factors of panic disorder and ultimately end on depression. 
  • Try to practice social distancing from other people who include even your parents and your babies and infants.

That surrounds us to the major phase of depression. But the story doesn’t end up here, what if we try out new ways of social contact through the use of technology like talking on the phone and going on Skype video calls session, so that the phase of depression take a little ease to drag in our lives and bring little much positivity that something is there when something is not?

  • Furthermore, the screen time should also be reduced, like we should take short breaks and relax our body and eye muscles by closing them for a while.
  • Playing with video games can be a way to relax, but sometimes it causes adverse effects like slouching posture, building stress for winning from other teams, which in returns causing distress in our whole body mechanism.
  • The more we play, the more we feel hungry, and the more we eat, which leads to obesity, and ultimately, obesity puts a mark on our personalities, which look! A fat girl or boy is going there, ha-ha!

Those ultimately impose us in severe depression mode. One can also desire to choose social media services to ease his/her depression mode. By posting positive stories about the people who got recovered from this pandemic.

In the end, I would say that pray to God because he is the only sole provider of handling all the miserable diseases and changing them into a normal one. Only prayers are needed and have faith, and then everything will surely be fine.

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