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Avoid thinking beyond your approach reduce Anxiety

Feeling hopeless, energy-less, visionless demotivated, tired, Sleep-deprived, or restless during this unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, you could be that 1 out of those three people undergoing the unseen Crisis Anxiety Disorder of their life. “Fear is a normal and adaptive response to a perceived threat,” says Carla Manly, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in Santa Rosa, California, and author of “Joy from Fear.” Avoid thinking beyond your approach reduce Anxiety.

Research shows that there was a rapid increase in mental health illness during this COVID-19 crisis. WHO issued particular Guidelines for managing the mental health issues during this Outbreak? Fear of being unemployed, financial crisis, limited exposure to diversified people, following strict rules in routine life, and continuous fear of an imaginary contagious disease.

During COVID-19 Crisis increased the risk of getting this Anxiety Disorder by twice.  The major challenge is staying safe and, at the same time coping with Anxiety Issues. Anxiety starts coming into your ways when you start worrying about the Corona Virus and its byproducts.

The reason for this anxiety is to follow some ridiculous set of instructions you dam care about in the past like staying away from the crowd, or over sanitation again and again. It is hard to distance yourself from those worries, but here are some straightforward ways of avoiding getting caught by this mental health issue.

Avoid thinking about things beyond your approach: 

Most of the time, we overthink things beyond our control create stress that leads to anxiety. For employed people, this could be like what circumstances I will face after this pandemic? What strategy my company will adopt to manage this COVID-19 crisis.

Downsizing, Restructuring, or declaring default is a continuously hanging Sword on their heads. These all matters are beyond our control, and shifting focus from these things to other small things in life will be a good strategy for avoiding LOCKDOWN ANXIETY.

Break your routine:

 Lockdown confined our lives into very few things to eat, do or enjoy, to defeat the Quarantined monotony, boredom, and depressive thoughts, Try doing entirely new things or same old things in a new way.

 Learning a new skill relevant to your job would be an excellent Skill Improvement tool for Self-development. Learning a new recipe could be a soothing routine breaker for your family’s appetite. “When feelings of fear are evoked, an individual will respond instinctively with a ‘fight or flight’ response.” 

Speak out More:

Even if you feel concerned, worried or anything you like to discuss with anyone, go for it, daily talk to three different kinds of people one from family, one from Close friends one from the Society and one from the peer, but here keeps one thing in mind that discuss with a mindset of respect the “difference of opinion.”

Being under minimal exposure, people usually start liking their perspective, and they don’t respect others’ opinions to be correct or relevant. The discussion will end up with a fight or grudge. It is more lethal than not talking to anyone, so discuss with an open mind and stop being judgmental. Avoid thinking beyond your approach reduce Anxiety.

Get a Good Night Sleep:

If you say one thing most important in combatting mental health issues, that would be a good and timely night sleep, and our days are as free as our nights so being awake at night and spending more screen time could disturb your sleep patterns and would ultimately turn us into an easy victim of anxiety.

Sweat Yourself Out:

Stress isn’t just a mental or emotional issue; it can physically hurt too. Burning Calories, you add during this crisis through eating more and burning less would be a stress managing tool as well as and it makes you in good shape. A simple exercising routine or Yoga or meditation 

Don’t Overload with Information:

Limit your media time (Watch news once a day, read news once a day, and useless and more trustable social media, stop being the victim of rumors and propaganda. Consider muting the notifications of group chats where this kind of rumors are easily found.

All you have to do is look for a trusted source of information like CDC in the USA, WHO, or your local health department. You are not in the middle of some essential briefing for which It is not necessary to be updated on everything around you. A piece of relevant information will find you anyway and at a suitable time. Avoid thinking beyond your approach reduce Anxiety.

Crisis Anxiety Disorder is happening worldwide and affecting millions of people in different ways; all we can do is practice differently proven ways of mitigating this issue. It would not be happening suddenly, but we could be in a much safer zone if we start doing it early, so Share with us your story of “how you are keeping yourself away from stress and anxiety during this COVID-19 Crisis?”

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