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6 rules of worldwide influence

Fair Warning: This is a heavyweight piece for heavyweight performers who wish to activate their leadership mastery—and do amazing things in our troubled world. 6 rules of worldwide influence.

6 rules of worldwide influence

These truly are the worst of times and the best of times. I do believe what I’ve written below is worth the 10 minutes of your life required to read it. [Otherwise I wouldn’t have sent it to you].

I’ve been working incredibly hard these past months to help as many human beings as possible stand stronger amid the darkness, thrive in the face of fear and leverage the

All I ask is that you study what I send.

If you’re seriously interested in taking your service to people globally as a first-rate leader, I recommend that you study then deconstruct then implement these 6 rules that I’ve learned from business experience.

1. Become A Hope Merchant.

The finest leaders are extreme optimists and heroic enthusiasts. They have practised looking for the victory in the face of seeming negativity so often that positivity has become their unassailable default. I’m in no way saying these human beings don’t deal with reality and confront difficulty. I’m simply suggesting that when things fall apart, they maintain their grace, concentrate on the upside and continue to radiate the energy that causes their followers to perform at their absolute best.

2. Flawless Integrity Is An Influence Accelerator.

Living the noble virtues of honesty, generosity justice, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and civility never goes out of style. Decency is always hip. And showing the best of your humanity is definitely cool. And building a character that expresses strong moral authority will always be a gorgeous way to amplify your impact. [Just ask Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa, Jesus and The Prophet Muhammad].

3. Refine Your Specialness.

Whether it’s a Desmond Tutu or a Jack Welch or a Richard Branson or a Deepak Chopra, every Person of Massive Influence that I’ve spent time with has a noticeable uniqueness about them. I could feel Desmond Tutu’s heavyweight character as I sat next to him In Johannesburg. Jack Welch’s intensity at our meeting was palpable. Richard Branson’s charisma and wonder for life filled the room we were in. And Deepak’s brilliant and unusually curious mind influenced me deeply. Make the time to know your own native superpowers and then give them the daily practice time they deserve so that—as the years pass—you’ll display a specialness in every room you enter.

4. Protect Your Good Name [at all costs].

Entrepreneurial icon Andrew Carnegie once advised: “Make your name worth something.” In the neighborhood where my office sits there is a small art gallery. In it hangs a painting that looks like a Basquiat. Yet it’s not. And so it’s available for about the same amount of money as a few excellent dinners. My point? Aside from the mastery on the canvas and the genius of the brushstrokes, what makes a work of art by Jean Michel Basquiat worth hundreds of millions and this rough-edges piece worth so little is the signature at the bottom. Through his prowess, Basquiat made his name worth something. And then he protected his good name so that his greatness would stand the test of time. As all great masters do.

5. Movements Are Made One Person at a Time.

I was blessed to have a conversation with a publishing icon who had sold rare-air numbers of books. I respectfully probed her winning formula and asked about her secret sauce. Exercise your patience. Apply your discipline. Play the long game. And remember to deliver beautiful and outrageous value to every single customer who you’re graced to do business with. They, in turn, will reply to your good behavior by telling everyone they know [offline and online] about the excellent experience they’ve had doing business with you.

6. You Can’t Fake Caring.

Ads everywhere trumpet that a hotel is “the finest in the country.” Airlines advertise of how much they go the extra mile for their clients. Corporate leaders evangelize about their commitment to their employees and their concern for their communities. So many bosses talk a great game yet absolutely fail to deliver on their preach in the bright light of their daily performances. The women and men who really have an massive impact are so genuine, earnest and heartfelt in their dedication to helping their followers that you can feel this force even before they say a word. Kindly remember that you can’t fake authentic. And you can’t pretend to be real.


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